Premium Generators


£0.99 / per person

Run a single Sweepstake Generator with additional participants.

For example, the World Cup 2022 has 32 teams and the Free Generator will let you run a Sweepstake for 32 people.

The Premium Generator allows you as many names as you want in. We then assign a team mutliple times
e.g. two participants may get England!

You'll also be able to remove the teams you don't want to be included
e.g. the lowest ranked team(s)

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Brand a Generator

Create your own Branded Sweepstake Generator to send to your customers and clients.

They'll be able to run their company, family or team Sweepstake through it and your branding will be visible on the Sweepstake Generator and the Sweepstake Results pages.

Your Logo, Social links and Website address will all be displayed to those who use your branded generator.

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Sponsor a Free Generator

Add your brand logos and banners to a Free Generator, we'll also promote your brand when we send out promotional emails and social posts.

Each time someone uses the generator, we send them an email to give them the link to their results. We'll include your branding there too.

Case Study: Euro 2020

For Euro 2020, we had over 300,000 views of the Generator. When combined with the results of the Generators, it's over 1,000,000.

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