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The Apprentice 2022 Sweepstake Candidates

  • Aaron Willis Aaron Wil...
  • Akeem Bundu-Kamara Akeem Bun...
  • Akshay Thakrar Akshay Th...
  • Alex Short Alex Short
  • Amy Anzel Amy Anzel
  • Brittany Carter Brittany ...
  • Conor Gilsenan Conor Gil...
  • Francesca Kennedy Wallbank Francesca...
  • Harpreet Kaur Harpreet ...
  • Harry Mahmood Harry Mah...
  • Kathryn Louise Burn Kathryn L...
  • Navid Sole Navid Sole
  • Nick Showering Nick Show...
  • Shama Amin Shama Amin
  • Sophie Wilding Sophie Wi...
  • Stephanie Affleck Stephanie...
The Apprentice Sweepstake

The Apprentice 2022 Sweepstake

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