Premier League 2018/19 Sweepstake Details

If there are more options than people, give each person more than one option.
e.g. each person gets two teams / players / people. This will always be evenly split


  • Arsenal

  • Bournemouth

  • Brighton

  • Burnley

  • Cardiff

  • Chelsea

  • Crystal Palace

  • Everton

  • Fulham

  • Huddersfield

  • Leicester

  • Liverpool

  • Man City

  • Man Utd

  • Newcastle

  • Southampton

  • Spurs

  • Watford

  • West Ham

  • Wolves

Arsenal,Bournemouth,Brighton,Burnley,Cardiff,Chelsea,Crystal Palace,Everton,Fulham,Huddersfield,Leicester,Liverpool,Man City,Man Utd,Newcastle,Southampton,Spurs,Watford,West Ham,Wolves,

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